Guidelines for the February 28th MFG Round-Table Dinner


Date: Tuesday, February 28th, 2006 from 7:00pm (sharp) until approximately 10:00pm


Location: A to be determined Chinese restaurant in Chinatown.


Featured Guest: 

Michelle van Beusekom, Manager of Program Development, CBC Montreal


Bonus Special Guest:

Andrew Johnson, Commissioning Editor, CBC Newsworld's "The Lens", visiting from Toronto.


Cost: $30 (includes set dinner and 1 soft drink, alcohol not included)



An evening of dinner and discussion about CBC's mandates, new programs, and future goals.  It's a rare opportunity for you to get to know Michelle and Andrew, and for them to get to know you and the future projects you may want to bring to CBC.  (It is NOT a “pitch session”, though.)  The evening will take place over Chinese food at a restaurant in Chinatown on the 28th of February at 7PM sharp.


Who will be eligible to attend this event:

MFG members who have produced for television before or MFG members whose work has appeared on television.


Event Capacity:

12 MFG members only.  The first 12 eligible people who apply with a written statement (see below) will be invited to join us. Apply as soon as possible!  There will be a waiting list set up for applicants in the order that they apply. This is not an event for students. We will have other helpful and informative events open to students in future months.


How to Apply:

Write to us at the MFG Contact Page and let us know, in a MAXIMUM of 350 words, why you would like to participate in this event.  Tell us a little about yourself.  How can this opportunity be useful for you?  Are you working on something you are planning on pitching to CBC in the future? (Do not divulge confidential details, just broad strokes of what TYPE of show you have in mind).


CBC focuses on the following genres:  Documentary, Comedy, Drama, Variety, Performance, and Kids.  They are NOT currently commissioning Lifestyle or Reality shows.


Be sure to include some of the TV projects you've worked on in the past and where they have aired.



Ezra or Val of the MFG will contact you by email if you are one of the first 12 to apply or are one of the people on the waiting list.  We will post a message on the events page once maximum capacity is reached.


More info on Michelle Van Beusekom’s mandate at CBC - Please read before applying:



TO APPLY:  To sign up for the Round Table Dinner with Michelle Van Beusekom, send your  letter to “General” at the MFG Contacts Page.


Good luck!



Please Note:

If this event is not relevant to you, have no fear, our next one, on March 29th, will be another big bash like our Shaika 2006 Launch Party. It will be open to all and tons of fun. Read about it here.



If you miss this Round Table event:

Coincidentally, Andrew Johnson of CBC Newsworld's "The Lens" is hosting a presentation at the CBC earlier the same day, February 28th.  (It is not an MFG event.)  If you would like to attend, find out more information here:



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