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Changing the world... one frame at a time.

Changer le monde… une image à la fois.





Ezra Soiferman’s 10 little tips for making a cool short movie:

1.       Keep it short and simple. Especially if it's your first go at it, don't exceed 3-5 strong minutes.

2.       Make it unique and memorable. This usually means a strong, catchy and original premise.

3.       A good film shot on an old VHS camcorder is better than a lousy one shot on Imax. Don't get caught up in spending big money on crazy film stocks or renting a Red Camera just yet.

4.       Like any good tale, make sure your short has a solid beginning, middle and an end.

5.       Use a decent external microphone (a boom or a clip-on). The one on top of your camcorder is not ideal. Sound is half the battle.

6.       Assemble an industrious, intelligent and co-operative team to make the film with you. Feed them well.

7.       Make a film that you'd love to see, not something you think others would love to see. (But, yes, other should actually want to see the film, of course.)

8.       Don't be afraid to experiment. At every step along the way.

9.       Feedback is crucial. Test a 'rough cut' of your film on friends and strangers before finalizing it and sending it out to festivals, shopping it to broadcasters, or putting it up on the web. You only get one chance.

10.     Have fun making your shorts and share them with friends and strangers any way you can. Don’t let them sit on shelves once completed. Get them out there!

Ezra Soiferman is a Montreal-based documentary filmmaker with numerous film and TV credits. He is a the director and co-founder of the Montreal Film Group. More about Ezra at his site: EzraSoiferman.com or at his bio page here.