The Leanor and Alvin Segal Theatre & ThéČtre PąP

are pleased to invite

The Montreal Film Group

to a presentation of



Everybody’s Welles

By Patrice Dubois and Martin Labrecque

Directed by Patrice Dubois



An English Language Premiere!

2004 Masque Award for Best Production In Montreal!


MFG Night:
Wednesday, March 8, 8:00pm

 Special MFG Ticket Price: $15.00

(normally $28-$41 per ticket!)



Everybody’s Welles, a multi-media, solo performance by co-writer/director, Patrice Dubois, about a meek Quebecois film scholar whose life and career are altered by his experience of Welles’s films. It is a piece of theatre that takes up the recurring themes in Welles’s life and and oeuvre, notably the student/teacher relationship and the search for one’s individual identity within greater society. One could also say that this production draws a portrait of American society from 1915, the year of Welles’s birth, until today. Everybody’s Welles does not pretend to be a definite biography of Orson Welles but rather a theatre docudrama, an evocative homage to Welles where fact and fiction blur.


C’est touchant, c’est super bien fait.

Un spectacle intelligent, inventif, émouvant, superbement joué…

Les spécialistes d’Orson Welles ne pourront pas prendre en défaut le spectacle.

-André Ducharme, ChaĒne culturelle


 Smart, sharp piece…feels like a séance that’s way fun.

- Matt Radz, The Gazette


There will be an audience ‘talkback’ with the play’s creators and star,

Patrice Dubois and Martin Labrecque, immediately following the show.



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Please contact the theatre’s box office at 514-739-7944


Payment with Visa or Mastercard by phone;

cash or debit in person only.


Please mention that you are a Montreal Film Group member

for this special price of $15/ticket.


Note box office hours:

Friday 12-4, Sunday 10:30-4:30, Monday-Wednesday 12-8


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Theatre Address:

The Leanor and Alvin Segal Theatre

(at the Saidye Bronfman Center)

5170 Cote Ste Catherine Rd.

Metro: Cote Ste Catherine

Bus: 129