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About the MFG

The Montreal Film Group’s mission is to bring together like-minded film and TV industry folks who are eager to be part of a thriving - and growing - community. To do this, we promote community and learning through our web site and film/TV networking events around the city of Montreal.

What is the MFG?

The MFG is a website with many film and TV industry resources and regularly updated member news and gatherings by and for Montreal film and TV industry professionals like you. Our popular events are unique opportunities to bounce ideas, exchange cards and make links for future projects. The events range in size and in purpose, but we've built in guaranteed mingle-time at each one so you'll have a chance to chat up your next project, look for partners, ask for money, or offer money (we can dream, can't we?).

Our events are designed to appeal. Events have included:

  • Enlightening How To events covering creative, technical and financial topics
  • An Evening With… Live hosted interviews or workshops with engaging industry personalities
  • Exclusive Round Table Soirées featuring sought-after VIPs
  • Fun "Bring Your Own Shorts" screening nights

On this site you'll find a wide range of useful member and industry links, news posting, job listings, film festival listings, and screening dates of our members' upcoming projects.

Once you've signed up to the MFG at our Join page (quick and free to join), you'll receive an email from us once we announce our next networking event.

So stay a while... make yourself at home.

Who is the MFG?

Now over 2500 members strong, the MFG initially began in July, 2004, as a small group of Co-Founders: 12 film and TV peers who found themselves isolated in their own corners of the industry and sought opportunities to connect with others.

We started having informal get-togethers at bars and cafés around Montreal and came up with ways in which people with various talents, all facing similar issues, could benefit from banding together.

You can read about the MFG's detailed history here.

The MFG's Director is Montreal documentary filmmaker and photographer Ezra Soiferman, who along with the MFG Co-Founders, saw a need for more human and humane ways for active Montreal film and TV industry members to interact and share news about their projects.

The MFG is supported by a dedicated group of volunteers who help at our events.

Who are you?

You are a film or TV producer, writer, director, editor, animator, composer, production manager, actor, crew member, voice over talent, PA, set designer, agent, entertainment lawyer, news reporter, etc. The MFG is a place we can all call home, and we would love for you to join in the fun, too.

You are the raison d’ętre of the Montreal Film Group.

Would you like to help out at an upcoming event? To volunteer, write to us!

About our logo...

The Montreal Film Group's multicoloured logo was designed by Melanie Lambrick. We thank Melanie for her excellent work.