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Real photos of real filmmakers from real MFG events.



MFG Gallery

Film Fusion Event at Sala Rossa - March 29, 2006

Many thanks to all who came to the MFG Film Fusion party at Sala Rossa! There were close to 300 MFG'ers there to see the 14 film group presentations, hear the live music by Emily Carr and Danny Lutz and network with other MFG members. Thanks to all our incredible volunteers and an extra-special thanks to Telefilm Canada and ELAN (English Language Arts Network) who were our partners in presenting this event.

Official poster by MFG Member Ross Lourens. Thanks, Ross!

All photos by MFG member Jan Belina Brzozowski. Thanks, Jan!

Ezra & Ezra

See you at future MFG events!

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